welcome back.

It’s been a minute. The word is a different place and I’m a different person-thank god. My writing voice has changed, my location has changed, and I don’t drink coffee anymore. I looked back at my drafts and found that the most recent was a catch-up post on having moved to Nashville and adopting a […]

the head and the arms

I dabbled in strength training throughout my prep for Yeti. It wasn’t anything too intense, mostly bodyweight workouts to help alleviate my shin splints. However, when it seemed that I was taking winter off (I ran occasionally between October and January, but not on a regular basis), I decided it was time to get a […]

yeti 100 course preview

Last Saturday, I travelled to Virginia for a training run on the Yeti 100 course. The race will take place over a repeat of 33 miles of the Virginia Creeper Trail, a rails-to-trails project that spans from the Virginia-North Carolina border to Abingdon, Virginia, with several towns in between. The run was organized by Yeti […]