a short one

Today my legs wanted to run and I let them.

Today my head wanted to be quiet and I let it.

Today I didn’t want to be still.

Today I ran.

I let myself run fast today (fast for me, at least, all sub-8 miles on a 6 mile run), and it felt awesome. The weather was perfect and my stomach cooperated; when I was in college, I was notorious for running nice 7:30 miles but crossing the finish line and promptly puking.

I’m wrapping up the third week of my training plan, and I’m in a good place. Last week I was exhausted–sleeping hard, eating a lot, and just plain sore. This week, I’m feeling a little stronger. Next week is an easy week, and I know my body will be grateful.

I decided to throw my plan out, though, and get a coach. I didn’t think that sort of thing was my style, but after talking to her on the phone and getting to know her, as well as talking about what having a coach really means, I think it’s going to be a good fit. She’ll definitely give me a little more peace of mind and will hopefully beat me up a little bit.

Looking towards the future, I am trying to figure out where I want to do my 50-mile training run. There are a few good trails in New England (Wapack, North-South, and Midstate) that would allow for either an out and back or a point-to-point run, but I don’t have any experience with doing runs like that self-supported and don’t know how to plan it. I think I’ll need to convince my partner to participate.

I feel at peace with my body right now. My shoes aren’t bothering me and my clothes are comfortable. I’m happy in my skin today and that’s where I want to be.


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